FASHION: Couple Allẻ Cool

Since when was it cool for couples to dress alike? Well, it seems…NOW is the answer. With androgyny making a firm comeback, couples everywhere are starting to look more and more like they not only share their bed but their wardrobe too.

Androgyny has always been a faithful tactic to mix up the trends. Most iconic eras being the 30’s with Marlene Dietrich and the power suits of the 80’s, not forgetting Bowie’s affiliation with all things spandex. In recent years however, we see the sexes lose their obsession with ‘gender bending’, instead, blurring the edges with a new unisex look. Welcome to the genderless society of our era. It is not about a woman in a three piece trouser suit, oh no, that would be too kitsch! It is about a girl dressed in skinny jeans, keeping her brightly polished hand firmly on femininity, whilst her boyfriend emulates his alpha male, wearing identical skinnies.

Nobody does this better than newbie French designer label, The Kooples. Described as a ‘rock and roll inspired fashion label’, the brand boasts a clientele of stunning couples, with the designers themselves leading the crowd. The Kooples have lately exploded onto the Northern scene with the helping hand of the fashion greats; Selfridges, where you can find the effortlessly cool designs. It was only a matter of time as Manchester seems the perfect place for a ‘couple’ embracing wardrobe. Whether you are hitting up the Northern Quarter or kicking back in Chorlton, you will find new pairings rock the matching haircut/ matching Barbour movement.

The sharp tailoring and luxury vintage look oozes cool status. You can’t help but feel like this is a perfect brand for the Alex turner/ Alexa Chung types. The label is already a firm favourite over the pond, unsurprisingly as the line has a somewhat minimalist and romantic edge often favoured by European fashion disciples.

Although they are not just for the sickeningly beautiful, it would be nice to be a Koople Couple. If not though, I recommend you get your genderless self out there and stop listening to Adele’s Someone like you on repeat!


Words by Sara Wilson.

Read more of her work here.

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