INTERVIEW: Bluebird Kid Clark – “We Might Not Do Well Till We’re Dead”

Back in May, just after they had soundchecked for us at The Castle Hotel, we took some time to question our headliners – Bluebird Kid Clark – about their years on the gig circuit, how close they got to “making it” and whether they would finally get a twitter account.



You’ve tasted fame a little bit already, how big did you actually get?

Well we did popworld once.

Was that after Simon Amstell left?

Yea, it was Steve Jones who was hosting it.

So not even the good one then.

(laughing) Thanks for that! But they flew Shaun back from France in a helicopter. He was on holiday there and they got him over for the performance. Then we went straight on and played Glastonbury, so it turned out to be a  great summer.

What year was that?

I think it was 2007, but we played Glastonbury last year as well. We’ve played it most years. Only in the green fields and the small stages but we’ve always had a great time there. You get a free ticket, backstage passes, and you get to meet all sorts. We’ve met Bruce Springsteen and Crosby, Stills and Nash, loads of really cool people.

So we’d done that and then we were offered a support at the Apollo which wasn’t too long ago, in 2010.

So where is the band at the minute? Still hopeful of success?

We’re in a bit of a limbo period currently. Having had a couple of rises and falls, we’ve always loved playing together so we’re in a bit of a decision process of whether we go all out for it or just bumble along and just enjoy it really.

You never know if bumbling along will work in your favour.

Our biggest downfall is that we’ve never been a trend band. We’ve never been one to jump on a sound and ride it out. It’s difficult because we’ve never written in a specific style or with just one writer. We all get involved.

A number of record labels have been interested but have said that they thought we were a bit too eclectic and they could do with boxing us in. So we tried it once with a guy who managed The Coral and The Zutons, and we did try to write under one writer but it just felt forced and we weren’t really happy.

You never know, in the grand scheme of things, someone somewhere might get an album we’ve done and go “we love that”. We might not do well till we’re dead.

You don’t have a twitter account or much of a facebook page, is that a conscious decision?

We don’t do ourselves any favours do we?

But that can help itself if you’re building off word of mouth. Like bands had to do before the internet and social media.

We have always thought of it as selling out a bit. Doing unnecessary promotion, adding people you don’t know and knowing that 90% won’t ever come to your gig. What good will it do? We prefer to just let it progress naturally.

So what is a Bluebird Kid Clark headline set like?

(laughing) No different to a Bluebird Kid Clark support set. We always try to play a good old party set, songs that people can dance to and have a laugh.

I think, to be honest, as a band we are a pretty happy-go-lucky, summer, guitar based band. I hope the vibe comes across when we’re on stage that we all get on and we’re all enjoying ourselves.

It’s going to be really hot and really fun.

Bluebird Kid Clark were talking to Daniel Savage (@nosauceplease)

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