INTERVIEW: Die Hexen – “Special performances will occur. Memories will be created.”

 Those with nyctophobia please beware. A Manchester-based chanteuse going by the moniker Die Hexen is celebrating all things crepuscular.  This deuced experiment with darkness began only two months ago with a few soundcloud links and one image (above). Her phantasmagorical appearance and hauntingly minimal gothic musical textures had us enchanted, so we dared to find out more.

Shining a light on such an ethereal sound proved difficult as the elusive performer preferred to answer questions via email, yet her succinct answers, often deliberately obfuscating, had us spellbound. We’ll be finding out more in the coming months but for now here’s a Q&A, plus the latest atmospheric offering…

Acrobats by Die Hexen

There’s a mystique about you. We only have the alias Die Hexen, The Witch, to understand you by. Why did you choose it?

DIE HEXEN, meaning The Witches, is the result of suppressed voices and feelings that surge to be heard as they pass through me. I feel I have been chosen to be their vessel and I am quite content to submit.

 How did Die Hexen originate?

Die Hexen have always existed.

 There’s an intensely dark atmosphere to your production. Where does this darkness come from?

Growing up in isolation. So very tragic yet so captivatingly beautiful.

 What does the term Witchhouse (tagged on your soundcloud) mean to you?

It’s where I reside for now, I leave it open to the listeners interpretation.

How many people are a part of the project?

One physical being…me.

How many songs have you created and where were they recorded?

Many are personal. I have only revealed 3 to you so far via Soundcloud. ACROBATS will appear soon. All are recorded at home.

 What inspires you lyrically?

The words and music are a stream of many consiousnesses, all created without much thought. I feel I am a conduit for such energies.

 Who would you say has influenced your creations?

The mysteries of dark matter. nocturnality, necromancy, the cosmos and inspirational individuals like Airgarten, Moondog, John Maus, Planningtorock and Billy MacKenzie.

 Do you plan to play live soon?

V soon.

 What do you think about Manchester’s current burgeoning music scene?

Male dominated. More creative females need to come out from hiding and take courage.

 What initially drew you to begin making music as Die Hexen?

The layers of sound, voices and images in my head became overwhelming. It was time to set them free to allow for some space. It seemed like it was about time.

What does 2012 hold in store?

Music will be made and released. Moving images will be shot. Collaborations will happen. Special performances will occur. Memories will be created.

Interviewed by Simon Butcher Image: Airgarten

Lo by Die Hexen

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