On December 17th Nine Black Alps will arrive at The Tache for the final Northern Noise Live of 2012. We’re well excited to bring our events to Blackpool. Not only will we be featuring one of Manchester’s most well known bands but we’ll also be showcasing some superb local talent. Goonies Never Say Die and Kraul will be charged with the task of warming you all up, which with the weather we’ve been having, might be a tough job. We’re sure they’ll manage it though. They’re sure to get our pre-Christmas party started. If you’re a Blackpool local, come down and show your support. Who knows, maybe this could be the first of many Northern Noise Live shows in Blackpool. We’d love to bring some bigger bands to smaller venues right near you. So grab a ticket and let’s get started. In the meantime, we caught up with Nine Black Alps’ frontman Sam Forrest and asked him to reveal his musical obsessions to us. He kindly obliged. Check out his selection below:

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Jay Reatard – My Shadow

“The energy, the drumming, the guitars and the melody on this song are so good, it’s almost like comic book music. And this live footage is so good it hurts…”

Nico – Evening of Light

“Bought her solo albums ‘The Marble Index’ and ‘Desertshore’ from the early 70’s at the start of the year and they’ve been my accompaniment to driving down endless dreary roads in dismal towns.”

Serge Gainsbourg – Melody Nelson

“It’s a whole 30 minute album this but each track kind of bleeds into the next. Love the dry minimal productions versus the amazing wash of strings…”

Francoise Hardy – Je N’attends Plus Personne

“More French music, no idea what she’s singing about but love the scuzzy guitar and melody, have been trying to get all the Francoise Hardy stuff I can get my hands on this year. Tasty guitar solo too…”

Faust – It’s A Rainy Day (Sunshine Girl)

“To Germany, been listening to lots of German weirdness of the seventies this year. So jealous of the words to this song, only two lines, I think…and the scratchy guitar is cool, uh yeah…”

Ty Segall – Finger

“Went to see him in Leeds this year, best gig I’ve been to in years and this song was pure filth.”

Beethoven – Symphony Number Seven

“There’s a record shop near me selling classical albums on vinyl for 20p. Couldn’t resist and then went to Vienna in October and gawped at Beethoven’s grave.”

John Prine – That’s The Way That The World Goes Round

“I’m obsessed with John Prine too, but I’m only allowing myself to buy one of his albums per year, so that I don’t use up all the goodness. Anyway, this is from his album called ‘Bruised Orange’, lyrics are weird combination of throwaway and effortless…”

Thee Oh Sees – Putrifiers II

“Only just getting into this band, more American garage filth, but this is cool and that’s all i know…”

I Was A King – Norman Bleik

“Another new band I know little about but I think they’re Norwegian and have an infatuation with Norman Blake out of Teenage Fanclub which is cool by me…”

Words and interview by Simon Bland. (@SiTweetsToo)

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