Here’s some exciting stuff. On Saturday evening Birmingham boys Victories at Sea will be performing for us at Trof Fallowfield in support of our Manc main act Shinies. You may have heard of these guys before. A surge of ace new music has been emerging from Birmingham recently and Victories at Sea are right in the thick of it alongside bands like Peace and October’s NNLive support Jaws. In the past, the band have described their electro-indie sound as ‘dark disco’ however they’re not too fond of labels. Not that it matters. Their sound, whatever you want to call it, was distinct enough for them to be cherrypicked to support fellow Brummie band Editors at a hometown show. Impressive stuff. We asked Steve, JP and Rob to spill the beans on what inspires their label-eluding sounds…

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The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations

“I love the arrangements Brian Wilson created for this song and everything during the Pet Sounds sessions. It kind of taught me that no idea in your head is too preposterous, the studio is your playground!”

Soft Cell – Chips on my Shoulder

“I never really cared too much for Soft Cell until I bought Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret from a charity shop years ago on a whim. I play this track if I ever need to justify buying cheap drum machines and vintage synths.”

Arab Strap – Turbulence

“Arab Strap are one of the very few bands who’s entire output I absolutely adore. I’ll always remember John Peel playing this record and totally falling in love with them thereafter.”


Radiohead – Idioteque

“Kid A is perfection, and this is a component of perfection: when electronica entered my life and kicked me in the face.”

Battles – Futura

“When writing songs and figuring out how to play them live, one of us will often ask ‘what would Battles do?’ ‘Mirrored’ made a massive impact on us but when we heard this tune from Gloss Drop it washed us all in glitter, so much we still find specs of it in our shoes today.”

Blur – On Your Own

“I missed lessons to go buy this album from Our Price in Stourbridge and listened to it all day, long term it made me go pedal shopping”

Nirvana – Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle

“Preposterously long title and filthy production is not something that has influenced us at all: we like short song titles and the production equivalent of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, however Nirvana are the edited cool reason I started playing guitar, it was nothing to do with Def Leppard.”


McLusky – Dethink to Survive

“Loud, heavy and raucous. This record made me want to beat the shit out of my drums whenever possible and to be fair,restored my faith in music whilst Nu-Metal was at its peak…Plus we all love Danny Baker, right?

Holy Fuck – Latin America

“Big love for this band and a big inspiration on my playing! Latin is one of my favourite records from the past 6 years.”

Daft Punk – Face to Face

“This track is guaranteed to make people dance and groove along. Its saved me a few times when I’ve dropped it at parties and DJ sets. Classic!”

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Words and interview by Simon Bland. (@SiTweetsToo)

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