PREVIEW: Deap Vally – Soup Kitchen Manchester, 7th September

Who are these two scantily clad lascivious looking women pictured above?  The answer is Deap Vally, a gritty blues-rock duo from the San Fernando Valley. What they seemingly lack in clothes they make up for in a raw, uninhibited, White Stripes style back-to-basics sound. Vocalist and guitar player – essentially the Jack White in this comparison – Lindsay Troy, screeches as though possessed by the voice of Janis Joplin while her riffs squeal in a similar ilk. Fractured drumming from Julie Edwards – unfairly labelled as our Meg White – completes the sparse, raucous atmosphere.

Both apparently met in the incongruously tranquil setting of a needlework class and have since been blasting out their unrestrained creations. Debut single ‘Gonna Make My Own Money’ (below) came out on 30th July and as ever it would seem these days for a new band, they’ve only been together for a year. So they’re new and shiny.

A brief trip to the UK saw them play a sold-out show at London’s Old Blue Last, and a slot at Reading & Leeds Festival awaits on 25th August. The media are already madly in love with the duo, giving them ‘Ones To Watch’ style pieces all over the place. Already there’s talk of support slots with The Vaccines and a few other big acts. They’ll be playing at The Soup Kitchen in Manchester on 7th September – a basement venue which will be perfect to showcase their abilities. We’d highly recommend checking them out, otherwise you’ll only be able to see them as tiny dots while you stand at the back of a stadium…

Tickets are £5 and are available here

Words: Simon Butcher (@sbutcher1)

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