PREVIEW: Happy Mondays To Play Victoria Warehouse

Manchester´s Victoria Warehouse, home to the infamous Warehouse Project, announces a rare and special event this December 22nd as one of the city´s most iconic bands, the Happy Mondays take to the stage.

It´s hard to envision Manchester´s late 80s and early 90s scene without thinking of the Mondays. Part of Factory Records and the scene  led by Tony Wilson and the infamous Haçienda they were at the forefront of ‘Madchester’.

The six piece band, fronted by the mischievous Shaun Ryder, found the limelight right from their debut album. This was produced by The Velvet Underground´s John Cale and the band continued to dominate through their Martin Hannett work Bummed and number 1 album Pills, Thrills & Bellyaches. The top 20 hit Hallelujah and 1990´s top 10 classic Step On marked them as voices of a generation.

While time has continued to move on since those heady days, and the band have all gotten older, expect the same effort in their performance as there ever has been. Shapes will be thrown, especially if Bez has anything to do with it. Bring your maracas.

words by Daniel Savage


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