LIVE: Sunset Sons, The Ruby Lounge, 6th March

Sunset Sons NN

Sunset Sons kicked off their U.K tour in Manchester on Friday night, gracing the stage of The Ruby Lounge in the Northern Quarter. It was obvious from the outset that this was going to be an upbeat and energetic gig. The sold out show with a predominantly younger crowd made sure that Manchester was going to be one to remember, and not just because it was the first of the tour. The venue only added to this, the intimacy of it making sure that all those positive vibes spread around the whole audience.

The band create the sort of melodic music that feels familiar; you find yourself urged to sing along even when you don’t know all the words. Taking to the stage in casual attire there was a real humility which I think also suited the “lived in” style of the Ruby Lounge.

Their song “No Way Home” which they admitted would be an emotional one to perform, was the first to reach people on a deeper level, where you really feel the music as well as just hearing it. It was followed by a great cover of Jaimie T’s “Sticks ‘n’ Stones” which in reverse, pumped up the crowd ready for the rest of the gig. The catchy “Remember” raised not only the pints of most of those in the crowd, in a sort of “yes, I love this one” jest, but also inspired the greatest singalong.

Ending their encore with a fitting “On the Road” it was striking how fast that hour had passed. The raw energy of the whole performance reflected off in everyone around, carrying this vitality on the rest of their Friday night out. The band really managed to captivate their fans with every song they performed.

With the release of their third EP The Fall Line and now signed to Polydor Records, Sunset Sons are on a path to a greater commercial success. The hope is that they bottle up all that humility and sincere excitement for performing, and take it with them on the rest of the road.

Words by Amy Forde (@Acerbia17)

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