NEWS: Delta Maid to play Band On The Wall, 3rd May

25-year-old Delta Maid may be a Liverpudlian but her vocal tones float as though from further ashore. Descendents of Delta were seafarers. Her great grandfather was a stoker and used to shovel coal onboard vessels as they travelled the world. One of the perks of this gruelling job was that he visited New York on many occasions and brought back with him old records, which would impart innovative sounds upon his return, long before the days of musical accessibility and downloading. This musical inquisitiveness has seemingly been handed down as an air-loom.

Elsewhere in the immediate family support has come from Delta’s brother who encouraged an early start with the guitar. He has now gone on to provide lead-guitar for the majority of the upcoming album. Parental influences from an extensive record collection also impacted Delta’s perception of the way she could create music for herself. Rory Block in particular struck a chord with Delta, who then became self taught in Delta Blues players.

Things could have been very different for Delta, who upon graduating decided to look into a career as a vascular scientist, believing her dream to sing as being too far fetched. Now with her debut coming out out on 9th May, it seems like her dream is set to be realised. She’s performing at the beautiful Band On The Wall venue a few days before the release so if you’re a fan of country/blues be sure to get yourself a ticket…

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