NEWS: Kaiser Chiefs release new ‘make your own’ album today!

Leeds indie-rocker’s, Kaiser Chiefs, are giving their angry mob the chance to create a version of fourth studio album, The Future Is Medieval. The record which was spontaneously released today, brings with it a new interactive concept, with a ‘make your own album’ idea. Fans are able to listen to snippets of 20 songs before then choosing the combination they prefer, plus artwork. You can then sell your version of the record on a web page via the website, possibly even making your £7.50 back in the process!

Following from Radiohead’s radically released eighth studio album, The King Of Limbs, this is another exciting way of using new media. Dare we say it, perhaps the most shocking thing about the news is that it places Kaiser Chiefs and ‘innovation’ in the same frame!

What do you think? Is this an exciting concept which empowers music lovers? Is it just annoying to not be able to get all 20 tracks? Have you got a copy and designed the artwork already? How are we to review an album like this? Are we asking too many questions this early in the morning? Let us know…

Buy our Kaiser Chiefs album here (It’s got a mouse on the cover)…

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