Carefully Planned

LIVE: Carefully Planned Presents: No.25, The Castle Hotel, 14th March

Jarvis Cocker once asked “Do you remember the first time?” Well, I’ve probably got some pictures of it, though the first one was held in October 09, but the Carefully Planned events tend to get a bit messy by the end so one can’t be sure. Since then, the regularly held Carefully Planned events have introduced a host of bands to Manchester audiences, and for this finale the turnout fully embraced the warm affection held for Matt and the other organisers/workers. Repetition has not dulled the event's... Read more »

Gengahr NN Emma Swan

NN PICKS: Gengahr, O2 Academy, Liverpool 11th April

London four-piece Gengahr bring their psychedelic stylings to Liverpool’s O2 Academy on 11th April, supporting local band Circa Waves in what promises to be a great Saturday night out in the city. Gengahr take their cue from the more out-there bands of recent times such as MGMT and Tame Impala, but have an authentic rootsiness to their sound that reveals songs strong enough to hold the attention of the festival crowds they spent last summer winning over. Hook-laden new single "She’s A Witch" shows the best of... Read more »

Purity Ring NN

NN PICKS: Purity Ring, Manchester Cathedral, May 2nd

In early 2011, Corin Roderick and Megan James, two former members of the Canadian band Gobble Gobble, channelled their love of trap and modern RnB production into a heady brew of pitched down samples, Cocteau Twins-esque vocals and some seriously disturbing soundbites. Equally ready for the dancefloor or the smoking sesh that comes after, their songs enveloped gleaming hooks in a sizzurp and skunk laced fug leavened with enough celestial gravitas to get them signed to 4AD. In October of the same year, NN recalls going... Read more »

Leeds Fest NN

A Beginner’s Guide To Leeds Festival 2015

Ah, Leeds Festival. The God of all music-related Northern weekends. Not only is it held in what some would call the heart of the North (Bramham Park, to be exact), it’s 4 days packed with the local Tesco’s entire booze aisle and an insane amount of instant noodles. Add that quintessential electric atmosphere and of course, a great big handful of fierce acts and we have a melting pot of undeniable awesomeness. With capacity of roughly 90,000, Leeds organisers always ensure that there’s something to... Read more »


ON REPEAT: Shinies – Nothing Like Something Happens Anywhere

Manchester four-some Shines’ debut album Nothing Like Something Happens Anywhere is a hazy ode to the existentialism of having out-growth youth, but not quite reached adulthood. It’s a love letter to days of irresponsibly wasting time doing the times that can be looked back on with nostaligia or regret. A blend of shoegaze, lo-fi pop and a touch of rock, krautrock and post-punk, short album of only nine songs. First up staticy intro “Ponoma”, named after a bit of empty industrial estate to the edge of... Read more »