In The City 2010 – Part One

Manchester is strongly linked in the minds of many to a golden age, from post-punk to the birth of Acid house, before going on to assert its dominant swagger on the world stage with Oasis. Few places have such a heritage to celebrate, but the city has an unbelievably modern feel too. Walking through the centre an eye catching glass structure known as the Urbis shimmers brightly in the sun, while scores of people enjoy an equally glistening beverage in one of the many fashionable... Read more »

Download: Delta Maid – The Changes Made

25-year-old Delta Maid may be a Liverpudlian but her vocal tones float as though from further ashore. Descendents of Delta were seafarers. Her great grandfather was a stoker and used to shovel coal onboard vessels as they travelled the world. One of the perks of this gruelling job was that he visited New York on many occasions and brought back with him old records, which would impart innovative sounds upon his return, long before the days of musical accessibility and downloading. This musical inquisitiveness has... Read more »

On Repeat: Smith Westerns – Dye It Blonde

When Smith Westerns arrived on the scene back in 2009 with their self-titled debut, they brought with them an exciting new sound. Perhaps it was down to their plucky inexperience (the band recorded in guitarist Max Kakacek’s basement while still in high school), or maybe it was their youthful eagerness - whatever the case, instead of a by-the-books toe-tapper, we got with a fuzzy, rough around the edges gem.  Their retro-hip, drunken sound was something fresh and exhilarating, shake that up with a seemingly endless... Read more »

Manchester’s In The City 2010 – Gallery

Manchester's In The City 2010 - Gallery Here are some stunning shots of last year's In The City 2010 festival in Manchester. All shots are provided by Magnus Blikeng, one of the best photogarphers in Manchester (maybe even the world). (more…)... Read more »


A Decade Of Doves

Sitting down to interview Doves can seem like a role reversal. Their stone faced, unanimated faces make them seem like interrogators. Vocalist Jimi Godwin eyes me up and down as I shuffle uncomfortably. Glancing over my shoulder at a hastily scribbled list of questions is Jez Williams. Both are wearing 1950’s detective style trench coats while their slick press officer hovers over the scene trying to make sure nothing important gets leaked by the band mates. The group are a very close unit having spent... Read more »