My Chemical Romance

On Repeat: My Chemical Romance – Danger Days

As the Black Parade marches into the sunset, taking all the bad press it gained in the UK with it, My Chemical Romance return with their first collection of new material since 2006.  This time around the emo rockers trade their dark uniforms for vibrant colours and futuristic alter egos. Whatever your opinion of them, you have to admire the way they’ve won over their dedicated fan base. From their second album onwards, they have cleverly managed to tick... Read more »

Arcade Fire Press image

Live: Arcade Fire Manchester Central 11/12/10

Three years and one new album later, Arcade Fire return to Manchester having officially graduated to stadium band status.  Known for their raw and frantic live shows, it’s no wonder there’s an air of excitement circulating the cavernous Manchester Central. The Montreal 8-piece kick things off with a sucker punch of Ready to Start and Month of May, two of the more adrenaline-laced tracks from new record The Suburbs.  Before the crowd realise what’s hit them, they’re transformed ... Read more »