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REVIEW: Wolf Alice, Club Academy Manchester, 22nd Oct

Crowded below Manchester's student union in the not-too-small not-too-big Club Academy, a crowd gathered to watch the so-called love-child of folk and grunge, Wolf Alice, perform there striking and powerful songs live for the pleasure of Manchester. Before that all began though, a set of scratchy guitars and adrenaline fueled punk attitude took the forefront with opening act Dingus Khan - a group who's confusing medley of musical approaches is kind of fascinating in its weird, chaotic rhythm. Also supporting the main act were Brighton four-piece... Read more »

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Essential Playlist: Hamilton Leithauser

Cutting his teeth with the fuzzy garage rock of The Recoys before weaving his rich croon into the intricate sonic quilt that was The Walkmen, New York's own Hamilton Leithauser has polished his impassioned howl, donned a refined suit and is heading to the Night and Day Café in promotion of his first solo effort, Black Hours. Released in early June and produced by Vampire Weekend's Rostam Batmanglij, Leithauser assembled a band with a little help from members of The Shins, Fleet Foxes, The Dirty Projectors... Read more »

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NN PICKS: Jonny Brown @ Night and Day Café, 15th Nov

With some of the most devoted fans around (at least this side of the Pennines), the break up of Twisted Wheel earlier this year would have hit many hard. Not least of all Jonny Brown, whose eclectic lyrics and mod sensibilities propelled the band into the more respectable side of the indie adorned spectrum.  With the toe tapping youthfulness of Twisted Wheel’s two albums still ringing in fans ears, this November sees Jonny Brown go it alone, performing live in the city’s Night & Day... Read more »

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NEW NOISE: Gymnast

Manchester duo Cathy Wilcock and Chris Lyon have been playing music together since both were involved in the now defunct Edinburgh five-piece Mayhew. Their new project, Gymnast, retains some of the folk elements of Mayhew while imbuing the best of this year’s current trip hop trend - a combination of cello and synths that surprisingly works while lending something stylistically different to the genre. Since being selected from hundreds of unsigned acts in 2012 to perform at London’s Olympic Park, the pair have recently released their... Read more »

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November Gig Guide

Manchester's music scene moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while you might miss something. Ferris Bueller said that...sort of - but it's true. There's lots going on in our fine city and while it's impossible to catch everything, you can certainly try to catch the ones that count. Northern Noise writer Ruby Hoffman has cherry picked her six must-see gigs happening in Manchester in the month of November. So turn on your smart phone, boot up the diary... Read more »