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NEW NOISE: Gymnast

Manchester duo Cathy Wilcock and Chris Lyon have been playing music together since both were involved in the now defunct Edinburgh five-piece Mayhew. Their new project, Gymnast, retains some of the folk elements of Mayhew while imbuing the best of this year’s current trip hop trend - a combination of cello and synths that surprisingly works while lending something stylistically different to the genre. Since being selected from hundreds of unsigned acts in 2012 to perform at London’s Olympic Park, the pair have recently released their... Read more »

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November Gig Guide

Manchester's music scene moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while you might miss something. Ferris Bueller said that...sort of - but it's true. There's lots going on in our fine city and while it's impossible to catch everything, you can certainly try to catch the ones that count. Northern Noise writer Ruby Hoffman has cherry picked her six must-see gigs happening in Manchester in the month of November. So turn on your smart phone, boot up the diary... Read more »

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Essential Playlist: Jamie T

Spitting tales of council housed, kitchen sink drama and armed with an acoustic bass in hand, Wimbledon's Jamie Treays first emerged onto the UK's dirty indie scene with a fag in hand and the sour taste of yesterday's brew on his lips. Channelling the cocky antagonisms of Joe Strummer and reciting his stream of urban consciousness poems through teeth only Shane McGowan could be proud of, Treays managed to cast a tall shadow among the wilting ruins of a decaying musical landscape. Three albums and... Read more »

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NEW NOISE: Easy Kill

Manchester spawns many an alternative rock guitar band, sometimes it seems like there’s a new one every week – so what do new, young, unsigned and unproven five piece Easy Kill have to make them stand out from the crowd? The jury is out and time will tell but for now they have a set two songs out from which to judge their merit. First up is “Layers”, which starts out with the soft plucking of melodic guitar strings and building layers of echoing of percussion... Read more »

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ON REPEAT: Hartheim

Harthiem are a band that have eschewed modern online promotion in favour of a nearly non-existent online presence consisting of a single video and a trio of taster songs on Soundcloud. Despite this, their dark grimy music (comparable with Death Cab for Cutie) has been garnering attention around their hometown of Manchester with their dangerously long debut single “Yellow” and then the following track, “Nothing Is Wrong” and latest installment “Welcome To Harthiem”. The five-piece strong band make no effort to stick with conventions – their... Read more »