Leeds Fest NN

A Beginner’s Guide To Leeds Festival 2015

Ah, Leeds Festival. The God of all music-related Northern weekends. Not only is it held in what some would call the heart of the North (Bramham Park, to be exact), it’s 4 days packed with the local Tesco’s entire booze aisle and an insane amount of instant noodles. Add that quintessential electric atmosphere and of course, a great big handful of fierce acts and we have a melting pot of undeniable awesomeness. With capacity of roughly 90,000, Leeds organisers always ensure that there’s something to... Read more »


ON REPEAT: Shinies – Nothing Like Something Happens Anywhere

Manchester four-some Shines’ debut album Nothing Like Something Happens Anywhere is a hazy ode to the existentialism of having out-growth youth, but not quite reached adulthood. It’s a love letter to days of irresponsibly wasting time doing the times that can be looked back on with nostaligia or regret. A blend of shoegaze, lo-fi pop and a touch of rock, krautrock and post-punk, short album of only nine songs. First up staticy intro “Ponoma”, named after a bit of empty industrial estate to the edge of... Read more »

Sunset Sons NN

LIVE: Sunset Sons, The Ruby Lounge, 6th March

Sunset Sons kicked off their U.K tour in Manchester on Friday night, gracing the stage of The Ruby Lounge in the Northern Quarter. It was obvious from the outset that this was going to be an upbeat and energetic gig. The sold out show with a predominantly younger crowd made sure that Manchester was going to be one to remember, and not just because it was the first of the tour. The venue only added to this, the intimacy of it making sure that all... Read more »

Patterns Band NN

NN PICKS: Patterns, The Deaf Institute, 28th March

Patterns bring their ethereal soundscapes to Manchester’s Deaf Institute on Saturday 28th March for a homecoming show that promises to be a special night for all involved. As well as the expected mix of skyscraping choruses and trippy drone-pop that the band specialise in, the four-piece have teamed up with award-winning director Sam Adler (of Manchester video production studio Plastic Zoo) to provide a truly unique 3D visual experience at the Manchester show. And if that wasn’t enough, they plan to debut new material to... Read more »

ariel-pink NN

LIVE: Ariel Pink, RCNM, 28th Feb

With a reputation as a notoriously brazen asshole and a YouTube channel full of some utterly woeful live performances, Ariel Pink has certainly had his work cut out for him since the release of his last LP, Pom Pom, topped many critics’ best-of lists last year and thrust the LA pop enigma back into the spotlight. Booking him as the closing act of Manchester’s FutureEverything festival was a risky move but an inspired one, as Pink’s brand of lo-fi, nu-retro pop nests perfectly at a... Read more »