Green Day NN

LIVE: American Idiot the Musical arrives at Manchester’s Palace Theatre

American Idiot was an important album for Green Day. Released back in 2004, it fired the band into the mainstream. All of a sudden it wasn’t just torn-hoodie wearing youths that were listening to Green Day - entire stadiums-worth of fans had cottoned on to the digestible pop-punk of Billie Joe Armstrong, Tré Cool and Mike Dirnt. Would anyone have guessed at the time that it would eventually lead to a fully fledged Broadway production? Probably not. However the fact that it has says a... Read more »

Fallow Cafe NN

Why We Love… Fallow Café

A night out in Fallowfield can be that of many things. From the more contemporary house/grime nights in bars such as Koh Tao or maybe nothing more effortless than a few pints in The Friendship Inn, Fallowfield has lots to offer. Being at the heart of Manchester's student population, a night in Fallowfield is what you make it of course, but there's certainly something for everybody. Sometimes, an alternative to the usually really busy pubs can simply be a quiet evening sipping cocktails (or maybe... Read more »

Weezer NN

LIVE: Weezer Return to Manchester Academy

Weezer haven’t been in Manchester in over a decade. That’s ages. With this in mind, it’s understandable why tonight’s show at Manchester Academy - one of just two UK dates on the band’s world tour in support their sparkly new white album - sold out almost immediately. Rivers Cuomo and co are long overdue a night in our neck of the woods and tonight’s rabid audience know it all too well. Greeted with booming chants and countless waving ‘W’ hand gestures, the band start as they... Read more »

Sum 41 NN

LIVE: Sum 41 Bring The Kerrang! Tour to Albert Hall Manchester

Sum 41 released their peppy pop-punk debut All Killer, No Filler fifteen years ago back in 2001. A lot has happened since then. There’s been public drama, band-member dropouts, band member returns and four varied record releases in the intervening time. Keeping a band together is by no means an easy task, especially when you’re operating in a genre as littered with opportunities for excess as pop-punk. It’s now 2016 and as the band take to the stage at Manchester’s airy-yet-weirdly intimate Albert Hall to... Read more »

Sunflower Bean NN

LIVE: Sunflower Bean Take The Soup Kitchen Down a Rabbit Hole of Psychadelic Sound

Gigs like this one must happen all the time in Manchester. A band books to play one of the city’s many intimate venues, the kind that’s full of character and funny smells and not much else. Then, in the time between tickets going on sale and the actual event, their presence skyrockets. This is certainly the case for Sunflower Bean, the Brooklyn trio who have caused a wide range of music lovers to converge in The Soup Kitchen’s dank basement music hall. Clearly the band are... Read more »