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LIVE: Lucy Rose Takes Manchester Academy 3 By Storm

There is undoubtedly a certain pressure when bands and artists embark on a tour in which one or more of the dates are in Manchester. The rich musical history has moulded a sky high standard for performers, as there is clearly a lot to live up to in what could be called the music capital of the UK. However, one songstress that doesn’t seem to be hugely phased by the infectious pressure is Lucy Rose, the Warwickshire-born singer songwriter with two successful albums and a... Read more »

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NEW NOISE: Fruit Bomb

Punk upstarts Fruit Bomb are an energetic four-piece with ties to both Manchester and Sheffield, but their music suggests they look further afield for their influences. Although new single "Goin’ Home" recalls the intro to "Roll With It" for much of its raucous three and a half minutes, it isn’t the Gallagher brothers who inform the direction this young band seem to be taking.  Their approach suggests that the band would most likely feel at home as part of New York’s CBGB’s scene of the 70s,... Read more »

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NN PICKS: Lucy Rose Plays Manchester Academy 3 on October 19th

Lucy Rose crashed into our world when her honeyed vocals appeared on albums from Bombay Bicycle Club, Manic Street Preachers and Peace. With two of her own albums under her belt, both released with Columbia Records, the Warwickshire folkstress has been creating quite the storm with fans of indie folk music since 2012. The 26 year old multi-instrumentalist began performing and writing music at age 16, displaying intricate talent. There’s a perfect blend of purring, angelic vocals with stormy bass and melodic guitar, and an endearing... Read more »

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NEW NOISE: Liam McClair

Just as we thought we’d heard it all from Manchester, the land of massive bands and even bigger attitudes, we stumble across little gems here and there. In such a ferociously competitive industry it’s difficult enough to be spotted, alone in the much adored music capital of the United Kingdom. Saying that, how could we possibly have missed Liam McClair, the 24 year old singer songwriter with enough charm and sincerity to melt even the most cynical of hearts? Liam McClair isn’t your typical Northern glory... Read more »

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NEW NOISE: Affairs

With an intense vocal delivery, reminiscent of a wired baritone mix of Devon Welsh of Majical Cloudz and Paul Banks from Interpol and backed by fluid, hazy drum loops with shimmering guitar flourishes, Manchester-based Affairs play a retiring blend of expressive and ethereal pop music. Sharing stages with the likes of Alt-J and Circa Waves, the gloomy five piece escaped the drudgery of Hull to seek a safe haven on the weathered streets of Manchester. After years of tuning their lethargic breed of swimmingly tight rhythms... Read more »