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ON REPEAT: Mazes – Astigmatism

Mazes can be a frustrating band to like at times. Their 2011 debut, A Thousand Heys was a brilliantly frantic slice of lo-fi power pop at a time when so-called “guitar music” was at its most nascent, and served as a big jolt in the arm for Manchester’s Indie scene at the time. Subsequent efforts though, in particular 2013’s pair of albums Ores & Minerals and Better Ghosts have found the band in what we’ll call a ‘transitional’ phase, more full of good ideas than... Read more »


REVIEW: Conor Oberst Manchester Cathedral 08/07/2014

There’s something about gigs in unusual settings that makes them hard to forget. When the artist you’re viewing just so happens to be the perfect fit for that off-the-beaten-track venue, then you know you’re in for something truly special. This anticipatory vibe is buzzing through Manchester Cathedral tonight; its 500 strong congregation stood patiently before a church altar awaiting the arrival of Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst. They’re here for worship but with beer cans in their hands, it’s not the kind you might expect... Read more »



Hailing from Withington, David Rowe, Ed Troup and Liam Stewart together comprise Manchester-based three piece Plank, who have just released their second full-length album Hivemind, the follow-up to year old debut Animalism via label Akoustik Anarkhy.  Fans of Animalism can expect more of the band’s signature gritty instrumentals, while Hivemind further explores an idea of the natural world in all its convoluted states. From its initial synthetic beats, the album propels itself into third track and aptly titled ‘Dark Web’, which mixes a softer, gentler opening... Read more »

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NN PICKS: Festival No 6

Known as ‘one of the most sophisticated festivals in Europe’, Festival No 6 celebrates its third year on the 5th through the 7th of September in the coastal village of Portmeiron, Wales. The culmination of the landscapes of sea, mountains and forest provide a uniquely beautiful aesthetic environment within which the festival is set. The stylish location provides an attractive and sophisticated alternative to those that may not be fond of the dirt and grunge associated with Leeds or Glastonbury. Part of Festival No 6’s allure... Read more »

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ON REPEAT: Rae Morris

Singer/songwriter Rae Morris has been a name on everyone’s lips recently, due to her collaborations with Bombay Bicycle Club and Clean Bandit as well as her track ‘Don’t Go’ being used for the closing montage of the final ever episode of Skins. The mature melodies of the Blackpool native blend both classical and synth influences to create a fresh, contemporary and sincere sound. Morris has been pursuing music from a young age and consistently gigging since her college days. Since being signed to Atlantic Records fresh... Read more »