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Essential Playlist: Jamie T

Spitting tales of council housed, kitchen sink drama and armed with an acoustic bass in hand, Wimbledon's Jamie Treays first emerged onto the UK's dirty indie scene with a fag in hand and the sour taste of yesterday's brew on his lips. Channelling the cocky antagonisms of Joe Strummer and reciting his stream of urban consciousness poems through teeth only Shane McGowan could be proud of, Treays managed to cast a tall shadow among the wilting ruins of a decaying musical landscape. Three albums and... Read more »

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NEW NOISE: Easy Kill

Manchester spawns many an alternative rock guitar band, sometimes it seems like there’s a new one every week – so what do new, young, unsigned and unproven five piece Easy Kill have to make them stand out from the crowd? The jury is out and time will tell but for now they have a set two songs out from which to judge their merit. First up is “Layers”, which starts out with the soft plucking of melodic guitar strings and building layers of echoing of percussion... Read more »

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ON REPEAT: Hartheim

Harthiem are a band that have eschewed modern online promotion in favour of a nearly non-existent online presence consisting of a single video and a trio of taster songs on Soundcloud. Despite this, their dark grimy music (comparable with Death Cab for Cutie) has been garnering attention around their hometown of Manchester with their dangerously long debut single “Yellow” and then the following track, “Nothing Is Wrong” and latest installment “Welcome To Harthiem”. The five-piece strong band make no effort to stick with conventions – their... Read more »

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Top 5 Pre-Drink Spots in Manchester

As we roll into late September we enter the golden period for freshers and newcomers to town- that period just after you’ve made friends and are still trying to reinvent yourself but just before work commitments and the inevitable personal drama starts to whittle your new pals away. From now until December is semi-officially Manchester’s party season; and as we’re steadfastly a city full of drinkers that entails a whole bunch of pub crawls, messy club nights and all-day benders. As a newbie in town... Read more »


NN PICKS: PINS, The Roadhouse, Manchester, Nov 16th

Kicking around since 2011, PINS first popped up in Manchester just as the popularity of a wave of scrappy, female noise-pop bands was cresting, occupying the same space as contempories such as Dum Dum Girls, Best Coast and Wild Flag. After shedding the scuzzy lo-fi sound of their earliest demos they’ve since managed to carve out an interesting niche for themselves within Manchester’s music scene; first by drawing people in with a series of secretive gigs often held in strange places such as abandoned office... Read more »