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Five Gigs You Can’t Miss This Winter

With Christmas getting closer and closer, it’s a simple choice. You can either be a generous fool and piss all your money away on unwanted DVDs for parents or you can tuck that money away for one of the many must-see gigs going on in the months of November and December. Heck, you can even bring your Mum and Dad along- at least you know they’d have your back in a mosh pit. Lucy Rose First up is Warwickshire folkstress Lucy Rose. The singer songwriter, first appeared on... Read more »

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LIVE: Death Cab For Cutie Make an Emotionally Charged Return to Manchester Academy

Washington’s Death Cab For Cutie have released eight studio albums and haven’t played Manchester in just over four years. With so many songs under their belt, it really is anyone’s guess as to what Benjamin Gibbard and co will choose to pull out of the bag for tonight’s show. Luckily for this tightly run alt-rock trio, the inhabitants of Manchester Academy are willing to accept any and every back catalogue pick with open arms. Joined by touring guitar/keyboard players Zac Rae and Dave Depper, frontman Gibbard, bassist... Read more »

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LIVE: Half Moon Run Unite Gorilla Manchester

When an international band visit a British city as musically rich as Manchester, it could go one of two ways. Half Moon Run, an indie-rock-folk quartet from Western Canada, do not have a huge name for themselves in Britain. Their music is not played 45 times a day on Radio 1. However, what they do have is a following so loyal, that all UK dates of their tour sold out quicker than you can say “Call Me in the Afternoon”. Hailing from Montreal, Half Moon Run... Read more »

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LIVE: Lucy Rose Takes Manchester Academy 3 By Storm

There is undoubtedly a certain pressure when bands and artists embark on a tour in which one or more of the dates are in Manchester. The rich musical history has moulded a sky high standard for performers, as there is clearly a lot to live up to in what could be called the music capital of the UK. However, one songstress that doesn’t seem to be hugely phased by the infectious pressure is Lucy Rose, the Warwickshire-born singer songwriter with two successful albums and a... Read more »

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NEW NOISE: Fruit Bomb

Punk upstarts Fruit Bomb are an energetic four-piece with ties to both Manchester and Sheffield, but their music suggests they look further afield for their influences. Although new single "Goin’ Home" recalls the intro to "Roll With It" for much of its raucous three and a half minutes, it isn’t the Gallagher brothers who inform the direction this young band seem to be taking.  Their approach suggests that the band would most likely feel at home as part of New York’s CBGB’s scene of the 70s,... Read more »