Catfish NN

ON REPEAT: Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Ride

Hailing from Llandudno, guitar fiends Catfish and the Bottlemen started earning notoriety gigging in car parks outside other bands’ shows. They formed in 2007 as mere adolescents and have slowly but surely created controversial waves amongst the sweaty plethora of indie rock. There’s an infinite, no-holds-barred attitude reappearing, right out of 2006. With their highly anticipated second album having recently been released, Catfish and the Bottlemen can seemingly do no wrong. Move over world, The Ride is here. The album begins with “7”, an anthemic tale... Read more »

Night & Day NN

Why We Love… Night & Day Café

Whether you’re craving a cuppa, a pint, a boogie or an afternoon snack Night & Day Café is there for you. Walking into the bubble of serenity, equipped with fairy lights and music memorabilia galore, this venue is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city centre and also gives a tasty slice of the alternative club nights modern day Manchester has to offer. The Jekyll and Hyde of the city, Night & Day Café serves up a gorgeous menu during the day... Read more »

Slam Dunk 2016

LIVE: Slam Dunk Leeds 2016

With guitars primed, beer flowing and most importantly, the sun shining - Slam Dunk Leeds kicked off the 2016 festival season with a day chock full of sound. Celebrating its tenth year, the show took over a considerable chunk of Leeds City Centre and scheduled two additional stops in Birmingham and Hertfordhsire across the long Bank Holiday weekend. A fine sign of just how far things has come since its meagre beginnings. What started as a student club night in the city has quickly graduated into an... Read more »

Green Day NN

LIVE: American Idiot the Musical arrives at Manchester’s Palace Theatre

American Idiot was an important album for Green Day. Released back in 2004, it fired the band into the mainstream. All of a sudden it wasn’t just torn-hoodie wearing youths that were listening to Green Day - entire stadiums-worth of fans had cottoned on to the digestible pop-punk of Billie Joe Armstrong, Tré Cool and Mike Dirnt. Would anyone have guessed at the time that it would eventually lead to a fully fledged Broadway production? Probably not. However the fact that it has says a... Read more »

Fallow Cafe NN

Why We Love… Fallow Café

A night out in Fallowfield can be that of many things. From the more contemporary house/grime nights in bars such as Koh Tao or maybe nothing more effortless than a few pints in The Friendship Inn, Fallowfield has lots to offer. Being at the heart of Manchester's student population, a night in Fallowfield is what you make it of course, but there's certainly something for everybody. Sometimes, an alternative to the usually really busy pubs can simply be a quiet evening sipping cocktails (or maybe... Read more »