Personal Playlist: Low Duo

In just two days time The Castle will play host to the second Northern Noise Live event.  This month we’ve got a extra large dose of entertainment for you to enjoy.  Four acts will grace the intimate stage of this amazing Manchester venue with Sheffield acoustic two-piece Low Duo topping the bill. To get people in the mood, our headlining band have compiled for us a list of tracks that have played a big part in forming their stripped down sound. So without further ado, here is Adam and Leigh Greenwood’s Personal Playlist.


Radiohead – Weird Fishes 

“The long opening instrumentation and the way the words and music ebb and flow. It gets to me every time.”

Wild Beasts – Hooting and Howling

“I love Wild Beasts. They really lock into a vibe or a groove but keep it emotional. The lyrics and falsetto are incredible. The new album is tops!”

Interpol – Rest My Chemistry

“The guitar sound is foofin awesome. I really love the sprawling feel it creates sonically yet the lyrics keep the song intimate. Strange but winning!”


The Walkmen – The Rat

“What an absolutely blistering powerhouse of a garage pop record. It’s got so much energy and has soundtracked a lot of good nights for me. We do a pretty tasty version of it ourselves too, which you can see below”

Cinerama – Apres Ski

“This is a bit of an in-joke as I love these but Adam thinks they’re shit. It’s the guy out of Wedding Present, I love his story telling. This one’s about an older woman in a factory who goes with a young lad who works there and the aftermath of everyone finding out. So descriptive. The version I have is from a John Peel session and it’s great.”

Bon Iver – Skinny Love

“As usual for me with hyped new artists I couldn’t get into Bon Iver when he first became fashionable, but there’s a beautiful fragility at the heart of his music which I loved once I gave it a chance. Second album’s a bit of a drop in quality though.”

Slow Club – Never Look Back

“A Sheffield band that I just can’t get enough of. This one’s full of aching and longing, just how we like our music.”

Pulp – Underwear

“Another classic piece of storytelling from Jarvis Cocker with a lovely air of melancholy floating underneath. I think there’s an element of that in us. But he’s a bit of a dirty git isn’t he?”

The Smiths – Big Mouth Strikes Again

“Who can resist? Energy, melody, playful lyrics, that voice!”

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