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Hailing from the same small town that created the battered Mars bar and the fountain pen, is it any surprise that Scottish four-piece Copy Haho were tipped for success?  Well, maybe it is surprising, but they have certainly laid down a strong foundation to build on with their spirited self-titled debut album.

After impressing the masses with their debut EP, Bred for Skills and Magic, back in 2009, the boys showed much promise but have taken what seems like an age to finally put together their first album. It was starting to look a bit bleak for a band that had so much indie-pop potential, but they look to be back with a proverbial bang.

These four lads are showing that they are not going to lie down and accept defeat or get buried under other landfill indie acts that all too often fall by the wayside. The first track on the album, Factory Floor, sucks you into the record with a catchy beat and smooth vocals from lead singer, Joe Hearty. Other tracks like Wrong Direction and Dying Breed keep the eccentric indie vibe softly flowing throughout. There are still elements of thrashing guitars and smashing symbols though, as Earthquake and Accent Changed are definitely tracks for those who like a bit more of an upbeat, head banging experience in between the softer, more melancholy tunes.

Copy Haho – Dying Breed by tastethefloorclub

Keen to avoid the commonly used method of throwing a load of songs they already have together to make a debut record, the band said they were keen to write a coherent record, with just two old tracks included. This has clearly paid off as the eleven track album takes you on a enjoyable indie journey.

Copy Haho certainly have a lot of bases covered on this record and it is an album that should help boost their reputation from just another good support act to something much more. The album is set to be released on June 20th from bassist Richard Scott’s own label, Slow Learner. The band have put a lot of time and effort into making sure each song is worthy of their debut album and it is safe to say that they have succeeded. Anyone for a deep fried Mars bar?

Best Tracks: Factory Floor, Dying Breed.

Words: Ashley Clements

Listen to the full album here…

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