LIVE: Warpaint Light Up The Albert Hall


It has been two years since Warpaint scooped up Manchester and took everyone on an inspiriting trip, soundtracked by their stunning self titled second album. A lot has happened during that time and with the perfect setting for an eerie disco dream, the most popular LA girl gang were back to tour newest album Heads Up at the Albert Hall, armed with fresh sounds, styles and salutations, “you’re all just so beautiful” screams bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg during the long awaited suitably fairy-lit set.

Warpaint start the gig with “Bees”, an old but timeless song off their first album The Fool. Jenny Lee automatically locks the bass and drum channel and carries it through the whole show, dancing on every beat that is tightly locked with Stella Mozgawa’s ominous drum kit. Warpaint’s invigorating sound fills the room with a mystical, spiritual vibe as the four women intertwine the purest pop vocals with dark, melancholic beats through new tracks such as “Heads Up” and “Whiteout”. They look on elated at the reception of their new material as these tracks were a step in a different direction for the band but quite obviously the right one to take.

With only having released their second album Warpaint in 2014 the band takes this opportunity to play tracks they had missed out on their last tour. Less popular, but in no way less wonderful songs such as “CC” (a love letter to Lindberg’s husband Chris Cunningham) and bass led “Hi” display the band’s love for their music and for each other. Each member is capable of performing a distinctive solo act of their own but by binding their every sound together they create an admirable atmosphere precious to both fans and themselves.

Warpaint’s fun-loving personalities shine through during their set as Theresa Wayman and Emily Kokal jokingly bet the audience $100 if they guess the next song and comment on the “beautiful energy” they are receiving from tonight’s crowd. Hazy guitars meet disco sounds in new single “New Song” that forces onlookers into a dance induced party bubble, quite different to the Warpaint we may be previously familiar with. An encore was demanded by the audience causing the band to play the devilishly inviting “So Good”, another new crowd pleaser from Heads Up and the band finish the night on “Krimson” jamming together like they are back in each other’s bedrooms, ending the night on an impressive high.

In the space of only two years Warpaint have managed to extend their already individual sound into a new spectacle, both live and on record. With a stunning set of albums behind them, the girl gang we all long to be a part of continue to dazzle through their powerful live shows which continue to showcase an amazing song writing talent.

Warpaint are an artistic spectacle armed with friendly gags and a coolness that’s hard to posses. Whether in favour of these four ladies or not, their dance-infused darkness is a chilled out homage to all who love to groove.

Words by Emma Davidson (@_EmmaDavidsonn).

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