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Night & Day NN

Whether you’re craving a cuppa, a pint, a boogie or an afternoon snack Night & Day Café is there for you. Walking into the bubble of serenity, equipped with fairy lights and music memorabilia galore, this venue is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city centre and also gives a tasty slice of the alternative club nights modern day Manchester has to offer. The Jekyll and Hyde of the city, Night & Day Café serves up a gorgeous menu during the day and an array of herbal teas – with the option to add a good dollop of brandy if that’s the way your day is heading. It’s a welcoming getaway in the heart of the Northern Quarter surrounded by other quirky little treats for your pleasure, a day visit to Night & Day is never short of enjoyment and is a haven for laid back music lovers.

However at night, its devilish secret is revealed and the place is transformed into the perfect venue for any band. Acts who have performed here range from country to heavy metal, to new and upcoming indie bands as the place has the ability to give a comforting paradisiacal atmosphere that even provides the city with one of the best club nights of the month, ‘Electric Jug’ showcasing every third Friday. Forget about your usual end of week plans, with a DJ armed with some of the best records in town from soul to glam rock, it’s an absolutely cracking night out set in stone by Night & Day and its ability to mould any visit into one you will never forget.


The legendary Night & Day Café

One of the most memorable gigs from Night & Day café was a solo acoustic set from former Twisted Wheel front-man Jonny Brown. The venue was absolutely electric, even before he turned up, devoted fans and Twisted Wheel followers chanting ‘Jonny, Jonny, Jonny fucking Brown’ echoing throughout the poster-clad walls, eventually erupting into the most intense ‘acoustic’ gig. Stage invasions, stage dives, every single person was going wild. The venue was absolutely buzzing, and Night & day café had again showcased one of the best nights out in Manchester.

Night & Day café and its homely atmosphere has been going for 25 years, providing Manchester with alternative entertainment in the comfort of their living room. The venue has played host to many major bands such as the Arctic Monkeys in their early days and also Leicester based four piece Kasabian. It was also used in the music video for Johnny Marr’s single “Dynamo”, giving Marr the nostalgiac edge and suiting venue he needed. Night & Day Café has a place in the heart of every Mancunian music lover and if you haven’t had the chance to visit, make sure you fit it in your diary.

Words by Emma Davidson (@_EmmaDavidsonn).

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