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A night out in Fallowfield can be that of many things. From the more contemporary house/grime nights in bars such as Koh Tao or maybe nothing more effortless than a few pints in The Friendship Inn, Fallowfield has lots to offer. Being at the heart of Manchester’s student population, a night in Fallowfield is what you make it of course, but there’s certainly something for everybody. Sometimes, an alternative to the usually really busy pubs can simply be a quiet evening sipping cocktails (or maybe even a night cap). If that’s what you prefer, Fallow Cafe is an essential place to go for your night out.

Whilst the bar area is relatively small, Fallow Cafe also hosts regular gigs in the upstairs section. The open mic nights on Wednesday evening’s bring an atmospheric feel to the place when you’re enjoying your drink. Think again if you’re worried about the noise, the music is never jarring to your conversation. Instead, sit back, order your drink (and food if you’re hungry), and enjoy the positive vibes that the place revels in. The upstairs area is also quite the social focal point for many events. There are film screenings for those who fancy themselves as quite an avid viewer, as well as quizzes for your inner intellect. Don’t worry though if you really want to feel like temporarily sacking off your studies, there’s a range of different club nights, especially for those who prefer a more subdued night from that in the city centre.

Fallow Cafe

Fallow Cafe, Fallowfield

Sometimes, a night out in Fallowfield can start off as what is commonly known as, ‘a few drinks’, but after they really start to kick in, you’ll find that it’s past midnight and everywhere is starting to close. You want to stay out but the tedious magic bus into town is the last thing you need for your increasing thirst, plus it’s always nice to stay close to home. This is where Fallow Cafe becomes pivotal to how your night progresses, as the place stays open until around 2.30 every night. By that point, you’ll have either had one (or a few) too many to stay out, or you’ll fancy nothing more than a takeaway and your bed. You’ll find that as the night draws to a close, the bar area is still pretty lively, with the relatively cheap drinks menu starting to take its toll on the always joyful crowd. For students, there’s not much more memorable than reasonably priced drinks on the bar, but a string of decent tunes never goes amiss either, and there are plenty of those.

Starting early on, Fallow Cafe serves what is a fantastic fry-up breakfast. From there it’s a variety of sandwiches, salads, snacks, sides, and of course, burgers. For a veggie option, The Middle-Eastern sharing platter is an absolute must. The delicious menu, just like everything else the place has to offer, will tempt you to find yourself avoiding town and staying local. Whether it’s a catch up with an old friend or a quick drink before a night in the city, Fallow Cafe is always a superb place to go. Also, be sure to try the Long Island iced tea. It’s strong stuff, but a foundation for the splendid cocktails that are often just too tempting to turn down.

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Words by George Haigh (@_WhatGeorgeSaid).

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